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Pinkham & Smith Visual Quality Motion Picture lens-- 75mm f/3, on Nikon D3


Here you will find information on my use of soft-focus and Pictorialist lenses, and my techniques for mounting, using, and processing images from these lenses in this very digital world.

In addition, I will expound from time to time on the subject of "The New Pictorialism", and the development of a reflective style in current circles. Topics from Google Plus posts will find a home here, and perhaps some relative permanence in the ever-renewing world of social networking.

--Bruce Hemingway

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Plasticca lens configuration

There has been a discussion on the Large Format Photography Forum recently about an exotic lens known as the Oscar Zverzina "Plasticca" lens. This has a meniscus lens element in front and a yellow filter element at the rear (mine has faded to nearly clear with age), and a fixed very open aperture. Some users have speculated that reversing these elements, placing the meniscus at the rear, would make the lens softer throughout the image.

I have an Oscar Zverzina "Plasticca" "Kunst objektiv" (Art lens), 210mm, which I haven't used much because it seems too sharp in the center for my purposes.

So, I tried an experiment, reversing the position of the meniscus. These images are the center 24x36mm of the image:
Oscar Zverzina "Plasticca", normal element position

Oscar Zverzina "Plasticca", elements reversed in barrel

Test Rig
I'll certainly use mine in the reversed position. Nice diffusion...

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